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You can't manage what you don't measure...

Analyse text, feedback and ratings in real-time to improve customer, employee and brand experiences.

Feedback & Rating API

Manage and analyze textual feedback & numerical ratings for any entity, & within any category that is relevant to your business

Text Analysis API

Analyze the positive or negative sentiment by a score of -1 to +1, sorted by sentences or full-body text.

How does ArkCX APIs solve your problems?

I'm a Marketing Manager / Web Analyst:

Measure system performance

Gather brand, customer, employee & system insights

Easily visualize data about what your users think

Manage multiple feedback loops

Get customers back on board early when they are slipping

I'm a CTO or Developer:

Simplify development for ratings and feedback management

Reduce your time to market

Reduce server and infrastructure costs

Access best-in-class statistical, ratings and sentiment analysis

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